alfred griffiths sketchbook 1

Book 1

A4+ - 2018 - Joined Art Scholarship Club under Mrs. Rook.

Insect Project - Drawings, paintings, collage work on beetles.

This led to the three large insect collages that won the competition at our local arts centre, 'The Malting's', Farnham.


Page 17/46 - great freehand drawings of beetles.

Page 23/46 - working out how to make the collages fit from prepared mono prints. This led to the large pieces, My first large piece of finished work.

alfred griffiths sketchbook 2

Book 2

A4+ - 2018 - First independent work.

Work on portraits, looking at Freud and Bacon. Entering the RA Summer Show for 2019.


Page 19/56 - late night, freehand drawing on T-shirt - this led to making some silk screen prints - which led to designing the 'Golden Cheetahs' running top design - page 51/56.

Page 29/56 - copies of Tolkien's work - after visiting the Tolkien exhibition in Oxford.

alfred griffiths sketchbook 3

Book 3

A4+ - 2019 - Creating the next painting for the RA based on Vermeer's work + lots of portraits from holidays in this book.


Page 11/64 - two portraits drawn in a restaurant of Uncle Mark and Uncle Rob.

Page 47/64 - Portrait of Dibs drawn in Briare - France, before lunch arrived and a drawing of little sister Violet before lunch arrived in Chablis.

Page 58/64 and 60/64 - A letter I wrote to Chris Le Brun the President of the RA.

alfred griffiths sketchbook 4

Book 4

A4+ - 2019 - Working on the portrait of Charlie for the RA, some still life drawings and a sculpture!


Page 17/56 the pin prick of Charlie for transfering onto my primed board.

Page 35/56 - Still life drawing.

Page 37/56 - Audrey 2 Sculpture for World Book Day.

alfred griffiths sketchbook 5

Book 5 - Current

A3+ - 2020 - My current book for still life work through Lockdown 1 and the rest of the year.


Pages 7/38 and 9/38 - nice still life drawing.

alfred griffiths sketchbook 6

Book 6 - Current

A4 + - 2020 - My current book.


Page 3/36 - I like this portrait!

Page 29/36 - drawings of Charlie and Violet in France.

alfred griffiths doodle book

Doodles, Scribbles, work found down the sofa

Scrap book of doodles from the last few years.